• Cooking tips Posted June 4, 2015


    The internal temperature of the meat when cooking is important to ensure the meat is not over cooked and that the meat has been cooked sufficiently to prevent any food borne illnesses.

    Some recommended minimum internal temperatures are:

    Cut                                               Rare ‘C                             Medium ‘C                           Well Done ‘C

    Beef steak & roasts                       63 ‘C                                  74 ‘C                                       77 ‘C

    Lamb steaks & roasts                  63 ‘C                                   74 ‘C                                       77 ‘C

    Pork chops & roasts                                                                 71 ‘C

    Ground meat (beef, pork & lamb)                                        71 ‘C

    Chicken   -  all should be at least                                           74 ‘C

Ordering meat is temporarily on hold as from 24 August 2016

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