• New Zealand Lamb...

    You Can't Beat The Taste!

  • Juicy & Succulent,

    Fresh, Tasty Steaks

  • Real Meat Burgers....

    Get The BBQ Fired Up!

Farm, Fresh New Zealand Meat.....Delivered Direct To Your Door!

Buy Half Or Whole Prime Beef, Pigs Or Prime Lamb/Hogget

Take advantage of buying high quality meat at a fantastic price. With our easy meat selection menu you can opt to purchase either half or a whole beast in a selection of cuts!

Simply choose your order and pay for a half or whole Prime Beef, a half or whole Prime Lamb/Hogget or a half or whole pig. Halves & Wholes ensure that you are getting quality New Zealand meat that over the long term enables you to make considerable savings.

We offer a range of delivery options (don't worry, we're not going to herd it along to you!).

Why not consider "Prime Beef Pooling"? Arrange for your workmates or family to share the meat purchase. Contact us for any further information on our services and products.

Ordering meat is temporarily on hold as from 24 August 2016

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